Software Support service has been designed to offer users the assurance that their applications will remain on the cutting edge. We follow a simple process to ensure professional and comprehensive software maintenance service for your application. Our pricing structure takes the guesswork out of opting for a software maintenance package for your application. That is no hidden or last minute add-on charges. The process flow for WWSS maintenance is as follows:


1.  Need analysis – Effective need analysis ensures that issues affecting the success of a application are discussed, researched and documented. This ensures zero deviation from client requirements and translates into a successful application.


2.  Concept design – WWSS's software maintenance services includes concept design anchors a company’s strategy through concurrent activities of content creation, interface design and technical specifications.


3.  Usability issues – All issues affecting application usability are covered under WWSS application maintenance services including navigation, response speed, graphic optimization, accessibility and compatibility across a wide range of platforms.


4.  Seamless integration – WWSS not only addresses client needs in accordance with their customer requirements, but also integrates refinements to ensure long-term productivity.



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